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TRAiN Leaders Raising Leaders

Organisations are not limited by the lack of opportunity, but by their leadership. TRAIN will transform the leadership culture of your organisation.

The initiative seeks to ignite a servant leadership culture conversation in organisations around the city. It’s a one-day training and oragnizations have the opportunity to choose a day between 5th - 9th August 2019.

In 2019, we hope to train over 5,000 leaders from 300-400 companies. Proceeds from the trainings will go towards the raising of vulnerable women and children in Watoto. It’s about leaders like you raising other leaders.

What to Expect

Exceptional training from internationally certified coaches who are experts in leadership, sales, strategy and customer experience consulting with a combined experience of more than 1,000 years working with top corporate organisations including Stanbic Bank, Accenture, KPMG, UBA, Hewlett Packard, USAID, Pfizer, Tullow Oil, CNOOC, Multichoice, Transtel, South African Airways, AAR, EcoBank, Deloitte, ABSA Bank, World Bank, WFP, UNFPA, FAO, Oxfam GB, Nissan, Chemonics, PSI, EALS and other multinationals and Fortune 500 companies.

Available Course Options

- Lead Self.
- Leadership on Steroids.
- Sales on Steroids.
- Building high performance teams.

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We help individuals, teams & organizations achieve extraordinary growth.

Bank Credit Courses

Bank Credit Courses

For bankers, our focus is on the understanding of financial statements and financial analytics as a key part of the process of assessing credit risk and profit.

  • Business Insight for Bankers
  • Financial Statements Basics
  • Practical Credit Risk Assessment

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Master Mind Groups

Master Mind Groups

The Solutions Africa Mastermind Group experience is a fun, informative and interactive training experience that is customized just for our clients’ leadership development.
Participants in a Mastermind Group act as catalysts for growth, challenging thinking, adding solutions and being supportive of colleagues. The synergy that participants create in this type of setting is both inspiring and exciting. The beauty of Mastermind Groups is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

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Leadership Courses

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Join our annual coaching club and get free bonuses throughout the year, Work with internationally certified John Maxwell Team Coaches & Leaders who have been trained and personally mentored by the World's number one leader in business.

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