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For bankers, our focus is on the understanding of financial statements as a key part of the process of assessing credit risk. However, for bankers to be able to do this effectively they must understand;

    * The dynamics of business – because the financial statements are simply the result of decisions taken by the managers of the business
    * how to analyse past financial performance using the financial statements
    * how to assess future credit risk based on the business’ environment and its plans for growth

To address these issues we have developed a suite of courses that move from entry level to a fairly sophisticated forward-looking approach and which caters for learners at different levels.

Experienced in the financial & banking field, Our Solution Africa coaches are additionally trained and commissioned to deliver these trainings by our partner, International Training Solutions, a South African company with a unique combination of extensive banking and business knowledge and international experience.

Our training courses are a careful blend of theory and practical application that is enhanced by our course creators’ real-world business and financial experience.

Please click on any of these course titles to view the content and course descriptions;

Financial Statements Basics Business Insight for Bankers

Practical Credit Risk Assessment (1) Practical Credit Risk Assessment (2)