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Business Insight for Bankers

This course is designed to assist lending bankers understand the issues that business owners and managers deal with in running a small or medium-sized enterprise. Learners work in teams as the managers of an enterprise as they develop a product, plan to gain market share, create a marketing strategy, measure future profitability and assess future cash flow.

Once these business issues are clearly understood, bankers will be able to analyse a business plan more critically and to engage with the business’ managers in more meaningful discussions around business topics.It is not necessary for learners attending this course to have any previous experience of either business operations or financial analysis.

Over the two (2) days training class you will cover;

    > Business planning.
    > Strategy formulation.
    > Marketing – the 4 P’s.
    > Creating financial plans; budgets and cash flow projections.
    > Identifying business drivers and assessing their impact on a business.

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