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Financial Statements Basics

This practical, entry-level course presents the basics of financial statements in a fun and interactive way, avoiding the use of financial jargon which can often create a barrier to learning.

During the course learners work in teams and compete in running a business operation within a simulated business environment and, in doing so, learners come to understand the contents of a set of financial statements, understand simple financial terminology and gain insight into basic financial concepts.

It is assumed that anyone attending this course has little or no previous knowledge of financial statements.

Over the two (2) days training class you will cover;

    > Brief overview of the accounting process.
    > Understanding income statements.
    > Understanding balance sheets.
    > Understanding cash flow statements.
    > Calculating key financial ratios.
    > Key financial concepts: solvency, liquidity, profitability, gearing.
    > Introduction to breakeven calculations

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