Practical Credit Risk Assessment
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Practical Credit Risk Assessment (2)

Assessing a business’ past financial performance is only part of the story for good lending bankers. If a credit application is to be approved, the business will repay the bank in the future and so it is critical that the banker understands the external influences on the business going forward and the impact of the decisions and changes to strategy that the management of the business intends to make, so that the banker is continually aware of the issues that may negatively impact the business’ ability to repay.

Through case studies and exercises, this course deals with the practical assessment of future financial information, the general business environment and its impact on the future prospects of a business and its future financial results. Learners will gain a clear understanding of the way in which turnover growth affects the business’ funding needs and cash flow by analysing the effects of the cash flow drivers and changes in working capital requirements.This highly interactive and practical case study-based course is designed for bankers who have a sound working knowledge of financial statements and financial ratios.

Over the two (2) days training class you will cover;

    > Understanding and assessing business risk factors.
    > Identifying business drivers and assessing their impact on a business.
    > Analysing cash flow projections.
    > Assessing changes in working capital management practices and their effect on cash flow and the funding requirement.
    > Analysing accounts receivable lists to assess the strength of a business’ cash flow.
    > Calculating the future sustainable growth rate of a business.
    > Determining a business client’s future financing needs.
    > Growth management strategies.

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