About us Welcome to Solutions Africa.

Since 2004, Solutions Africa has been helping individuals, teams and organizations measurably grow their capabilities in leadership, business strategy, sales, marketing, communications and customer service. We are certified John Maxwell Team coaches licensed to deliver the world’s premier leadership content from John Maxwell. John C. Maxwell, a mentor to many of our coaches and trainers, has been named the world’s leading leadership expert by the American Management Association, Inc. Magazine and the Business Insider for seven years in a row. We are also licensed distributors of Insights Discovery training solutions in Africa. Insights Discovery is the preferred provider of psychometric and diagnostic based training tools and models in sales, leadership, change management and team effectiveness for leading brands including Google, Microsoft, Nike, IBM, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Standard Bank, USAID, among others. Solutions Africa uses a mix of John Maxwell and Insights Discovery solutions tailored to address the unique challenges facing many companies.

Julis Lukwago

Julius Lukwago

Cheif Executive Officer

BSc.Eng, MSc, MBA, DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer.

Henry Semwanga

Henry Semwanga

Chief Operations Officer

B.A (Educ) Hons., MBA.

Diana Nalumu

Diana Nalumu

Operations Manager


Eddie Ivan Kaweela

Eddie Ivan Kaweela

New Business Manager


Isaac Muwanguzi

Isaac Muwanguzi

Art Director

BIFA Hons.

  1. 2016


    Welcome Insights

    Our portfolio grew to include a distributorship with Insights and got three coaches licensed as certified Insights Practitioners delivering Insights Discovery Solutions across Africa except in Egypt. We also partnered with the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK to deliver be-spoke training solutions in Africa.

  2. 2014


    Our First Live2Lead Leadership Conference

    We held our first Live2Lead leadership conference and were amongst the pioneers in the world in delivering this world-class leadership development experience for senior executives—now a calendar event in a number of African countries. We also developed strategic partnerships with the New York University COMBI Institute to deliver communications training in Africa. We expanded our operations to the whole of Africa and a few global clients as far as New York, Washington DC, and Germany.

  3. 2013


    Vision for Africa

    We had a bold vision to transform Africa by investing in its most strategic resources—people. Our mission mutated into a passion to “ignite a leadership revolution in Africa by helping individuals, teams and organizations measurably grow in the areas of leadership, strategy and marketing.” And we look forward to a day where there is “great leadership and an effective strategy for every enterprise in Africa.” To deliver on this bold vision, We made strategic partnerships with the John Maxwell Team. We invested in growing the team of leadership coaches and got our first John C. Maxwell mentored and trained coaches certified as internationally recognized coaches. We continue to add coaches, year after year.

  4. 2009


    We were now big on strategy.

    We were helping global partners like UNDP and its association of private sector development cooperatives. We were the preferred partners for strategy for a number of clients in the financial and nonprofit sectors. We grew our portfolio beyond strategy to include marketing and management solutions. We were now helping nonprofit organizations infuse private sector approaches such as balanced score cards and strategy dashboards to align their day-to-day work to their overall mission and goals. One of our founding directors won a Southern University College of Business, Louisiana, gold medal for her work in this area, along with a U.S. funded scholarship to grow in entrepreneurship.

  5. 2004


    We were born. Hooray!

    Our offices and operations were limited to Uganda but our aspirations were Africa wide. Our focus was to help companies grow by addressing their strategy needs. Our passion was simple and summarized in a single creed that galvanized our efforts, “A results bound, return maximizing operational strategic plan for every enterprise in Africa.” We helped the Ministry of Agriculture train farmer groups to organize themselves. We supported the Ministry of Education to improve its content delivery system, developing ICT based content for schools in partnership with IT Africa. We found a home at Plot 27 Nakasero Road