Henry Semwanga Chief Operations Officer Solutions Africa

Henry Semwanga

B.A (Educ) Hons., MBA

Henry is an experienced executive at Director level overseeing Finance, Customer Service, Administration, Human Resources and Sales functions.

He is an Organisation Development expert with a keen interest in performance management and a strong focus on organizational and institutional development. Henry is an internationally certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and member of the John Maxwell Team.

He has over twenty years’ experience in senior positions in banking, marketing, sales, training and management with large national and international organizations with increasing levels of responsibility and seniority.

Henry has worked with various organizations as a banker (Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Baroda), Sales & Marketing Executive (Longhorn Publishers), Finance Director (CMS Project, PSI Uganda) and as a High School teacher.

Henry has an MBA from the University of Delhi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Business Administration and Management from UMI and a B.A in Education.

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